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 90 min of Fire Resistance

Specially designed to store various categories of chemical waste, the safety storage cabinets for disposal by DÜPERTHAL are equipped with numerous additional functions to make work easier and safer.

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For passive storage


We offer you a wide range of products for safe passive storage of flammable or water-polluting hazardous substances.


For active storage


We offer you a wide range of products for the safe supply of flammable hazardous substances.


For pressurized gas cylinders


In accordance with DIN EN 14470-2 must be designed and constructed in such a way that in case of fire, no additional risks of the fire spreading result from the content. 


For refrigerated storage


Conventional laboratory refrigerators are unpredictable sources of risk. Without any protection against thermal influences from the outside, they can pose a threat to people's lives or working materials in case of fire.


For disposal


 Wide range of products for safe disposal of flammable hazardous substances.

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